NYGO Fuels is pleased to work with both Principals and Brokers. However, our procedures are very strict and non-negotiable.

NYGO Fuels is a full Proof of Product upfront company, with the exception of Major Suppliers wherein we will provide proof of financial capability as detailed below.

NYGO Fuels does not issue LOIs or ICPOs of any kind.

NYGO Fuels does not execute NCNDs of any kind.

Pay orders to Brokers will only be executed after a complete Proof of Product package has been verified, and the transaction is imminent.

Proof of financial capability will only be sent directly, bank to bank, to Verifiable Major suppliers of fuel, or Verified titleholders of fuel.

NYGO Fuels is a “one-strike” company, wherein Brokers will have one opportunity to bring a valid transaction, if at anytime it is discovered that the transaction was not legitimate, or the Broker was not directly connected to the Principal at the selling entity, they will be removed from our network permanently.

Any other questions can be answered by our trade desk: